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Cellulaze is the Treatment that Actually Works

Cyno_Cellulaze_Logo_HRThere is something particularly unfair about cellulite. It happens to some of us, and not to others. And if you’re prone to cellulite, you cannot get rid of it on your own. Even if you lose fat, it’s still there. That’s because cellulite isn’t a fat problem.

Cellulaze is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-surgical cellulite treatment that addresses the root cause of cellulite—connective tissue—to give you smooth, beautiful skin on your thighs, buttocks, and other areas. It produces lasting results in one treatment with minimal downtime. The results continue to improve over the next several months because the laser stimulates the growth of new collagen.

6 Reasons Why Patients Love Cellulaze

  • You only need one treatment. Because Cellulaze specifically targets the tissues that cause cellulite, it yields results in one treatment. No more wasting money on creams or pills.
  • You’ll still look great up to a year after treatment. Because Cellulaze targets the structure of cellulite, not just the appearance, your results will last.
  • It’s safe and scientifically proven. Cellulaze is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to make skin 25% thicker and more elastic, both key factors in minimizing dimpling.
  • It treats the cause, not just the appearance, of cellulite. Cellulaze releases connective tissue that result in cellulite as it smooths down fat. It also stimulates collagen production so skin becomes firmer and better toned.
  • Patients are happy with their results. A survey showed 93% of patients are satisfied with their Cellulaze procedures and would recommend it to a friend.*
  • It can change the way you feel about your body. Cellulaze can make wearing shorts, swimsuits, and skirts a possibility once again, without feeling self-conscious about the skin on your butt and thighs.

All About Cellulaze: How it Works, Patient Stories & Results

Why Losing Weight Won’t Get Rid of Cellulite

The biggest problem is, we still associate cellulite with fat – and that has been the mistake in treatments of the past. It’s actually caused by a hereditary trait that causes your connective tissue to form in a way that traps fat and causes it to push up against the skin. In short, fat is not the culprit.

There are three structural problems that cause the appearance of cellulite.

  1. Tough bands of connective tissue tighten around the fat cells beneath your skin.
  2. Pockets of fat trapped by these rigid bands push up against skin, causing the rippling appearance.
  3. Thin, less elastic skin in the area worsens appearance of cellulite.

3-step structural problem

The key to truly improving areas plagued by cellulite is to release the connective tissue, smooth and melt the fat, and condition the skin. With Cellulaze, we can accomplish all three of these goals in a single, non-surgical procedure.

What’s Involved in Cellulaze Treatment?

Cellulaze uses a very small cannula (or tube about the size of the tip of a pen), inserted under the skin. A tiny laser inside the tube called a SideLight™ delivers energy directly under the skin. The precise laser releases the tight fibrous bands that pull down on your skin. This instantly minimizes the dimpling associated with cellulite.

At the same time, SideLight laser energy accelerates your skin’s collagen production, which improves its depth and quality, giving it a healthier appearance.

The entire procedure takes about 1-2 hours and requires minimal downtime for recovery. Most patients say they feel a light pressure during the procedure. After you leave the office, you may feel a little sore for a day or two, similar to a strenuous workout. Your results will continue to improve over the next 3-12 months.

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*Based on data available from Cellulaze by Cynosure.

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