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Winter is the Perfect Time for Cellulaze!

We usually think of cellulite as a swimsuit-season problem. Once the chilly air returns and your cold-weather wardrobe comes out of storage, it’s easy to hide those lumps under jeans and sweats, forgetting about how much you hate your cellulite until the following spring. But if you’d rather look forward to wearing shorts instead of dreading warm weather, there’s actually no better time than winter to treat cellulite to see the smoother, firmer skin you want. And we have a great solution to remove that dreaded dimpling from your thighs—Cellulaze.

We absolutely love the results we’ve seen from this treatment, the first FDA-cleared, minimally invasive laser treatment for cellulite that addresses its structural causes from the inside out. It works by:

  • releasing the tough bands of connective tissue that pull down on the skin
  • melting the fat that pushes up on the skin
  • stimulating collagen production for smoother, firmer skin

The effects of the first two are immediate, helping to smooth the skin in the treatment area, so you’ll notice some improvement shortly after treatment. However, the benefits of Cellulaze don’t end there—over the next few months after treatment, it stimulates collagen production in the target area to help increase your skin’s elasticity and depth. Most of our patients see considerably less cellulite within 2 or 3 months. By 6 months, your skin will be significantly smoother and firmer—leaving you plenty of time to enjoy swimsuit shopping in the spring if you book your Cellulaze appointment before the new year.

Oh, and did we mention that you only need one Cellulaze treatment? That’s right—only one session is needed to reduce dimpling on your thighs. We know life can get hectic, especially with the holidays coming up, so we really love that our patients only have to book 1 appointment, which takes only about an hour to complete. After a day or two you can get back to your daily routine and resume workouts after 1-2 weeks. You’ll need to wear thin compression shorts for a few weeks to help minimize swelling and promote a faster healing process. But guess what? These are easy to hide under your winter wardrobe! The results from a single Cellulaze treatment last up to a full year.

There’s no reason to spend the winter dreading the return of spring; contact us for a free consultation so we can tell you all about Cellulaze. Now is the perfect time to say goodbye to your cellulite!

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